Booth Enterprises is a boat building fiberglass shop that makes it own molds and also produces products for other companies. Booth Enterprises has been in operation in Victoria BC since 1974. Over the last 39 years we have produced a huge variety of fiberglass products including complete Thunderbird sailboats, and the Seattle Mini 12 fleet.

Feature: Whitehall Dinghy Video

We have a new video showing a Booth Whitehall being easily rowed by a 7 year old boy with his two younger brothers in the front seat and father in the back seat. The Whitehall is the ultimate family row boat, able to handle two adults and 3 children.

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Booth Universal Dock Carts

Roto-Molded Polyethylene Construction
Large Capacity, Stable and Strong
Fits Narrow Dock Fingers

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We manufacture a wide range of range dingings and tenders. We have rowing and sailing models of Minto, Whitehall, and Davidson.

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We have a selection of boat parts and materials at very reasonable prices.

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Currently Booth Enterprises makes rudders for Catalina 27ft sailboats. In addition we have a series of rudder molds suitable for many sailboats sizes and can fabricate custom rudders on demand. This can allow sailboats to be retrofitted with a modern high aspect spade rudder. For further information please contact us.


Spare parts and consultation are available for products made by Booth Enterprises. For further information please contact us.