Booth Boats manufactures a varity of Dinghies and sailing tenders.

Well known and very popular dinghy. Can easily be sailed by two people. It also rows very well.

Available models:
  • 9'6'' rowing model (best carrying capacity for length)
  • 9'6" sailing model (two people can sail this dinghy)

This is a very popular model. Very well known. A classic dinghy. It tows extremely well, and is very stable.

Available models:
  • 9' rowing model (famous classic dinghy)
  • 9' sailing model

This is a copy of turn of century boat design from New York. The standard configuration is two rowing positions. Alternatively it can be configured with a sliding seat complete with outrigger oar locks.

Available models:
  • 14' rowing model
  • 14' sailing model


This is an extremely stable boat which is wide and flat at the transon. The boat is molded in fibreglass to give the appearance of Clinker construction.

Available models:
  • 8' rowing model