The Wetdock is designed specifically for cleaning and maintenance of topsides and bottoms. It allows the user to stand comfortably with their waist at or below the waterline. The boat has 500 pounds of ballast in the well that allows the narrow and deep hull to form a perfect place to stand comfortably and securely. The Wetdock is positively buoyant using foam fully encased in fiberglass.


  • Ample perfectly flat and level deckspace for placing tools
  • 500 pounds of ballast that produce a very stable work platform
  • Continuous rub rail around the perimeter of the Wetdock to protect any boat you are working on
  • Wheels which allow manuvering in boat yards and down ramps
  • Easy points for tieing off the boat to the work area


One popular application is for a marina or yacht club facility to rent or lease the Wetdock to members or customers.

The Wetdock can also be used by a team or crew to rapidly clean multiple boats bottoms. The crew maneovers the Wetdock from the deck of the boat being cleaned.


The deck of the Wetdock is 5' by 10' with a draft of 4'6".

The Wetdock comes with wheels that can be used to launch from a ramp and can also be easily launched from a crane (wheels stay on in the water).